If you’re going to explore harsh environments in bad weather conditions a balaclava is an absolute must, this is true today and was also true a century ago.  Heritage experts found a 100 year balaclava at Douglas Mawson’s hut, in Antartica.

We would love to be able to claim it was a Cozia Design signature balaclava, but unfortunately we weren’t around at that time to keep Sir Douglas Mawson warm. The balaclava found by heritage experts in a summer conservation project at Douglas Mwason’s hut is made from fine wool and is reportedly in great condition.

The old balaclava is top tier equipement, the quality eveident even 100 years later. The expedition members depended on such high quality gear to survive the harsh artic conditions.

“For me that was a highlight because it was the classic Mawson-style wool balaclava and it was in great condition” declared Ian Godrey, chief conservator.

The team also uncovered many personal items and supplies used by the Australasian Antartic Expedition members, more than a century ago.

Sir Douglas Mawson was an Austalian geologist born on 5 May 1882. He was a key expedition leader of the Heoric Age of Antactic Exploration. He joined his first expedition to the frozen South Pole in 1907 on Ernest Shackelton’s Nimrod Expedition team. He later returned for an Australasian Antartic Expedition. It is during this expedition that sir Douglas Mawson was faced with some of the most extreme survival situations experienced in the Antartic after losing almost all provisions and one crew mate in a crevasse. He later lost his other crew mate to starvation and mental illness and was the lone survivor.

In his honor, the  buildings erected and occupied by the Australasian Antartic Expedition of 1911-1914 are today known as Mwason’s Huts.


Original news: The Guardian 

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