When you think of the word balaclava you probably imagine ski slopes and winter scenery.  It’s true, balaclavas are usually warn like ski masks and they are an essential piece of any skiing gear or snowboarding gear, however, they are as useful for wearing when you are driving your motorcycle.

There are many reasons for which wearing a balaclava while you cruise down the highway on your motorcycle is a good idea, but we decided to limit our list to three so we can properly explore each reason and give you a good idea of why this is a must have in your gear checklist.


Here’s why you need to wear a balaclava under your helmet

Before we even start the list it’s essential to note that if you share your helmet with more people, or if it is a barrowed helmet you must always wear your own balaclava underneath it, for hygienic reasons. Of course this reasoning doesn’t apply if you only share it with your partener or family members but if you’re part of a bigger group and sometimes switch helmets or if you barrowed someone else’s helmet for a while, it’s the sensible thing to do.


Reason number  1 – You protect your helmet pads from  wear and tear

It’s true, most modern helmets have pads that are washable  and thus removable and evidentially, replaceable.  However this doesn’t mean that repacing them is always cheap.  Wearing a balaclava underneath your helmet you save a lot of money in the long run.

Think about it, any hair product you use on your hair ends up on your helmet and it the pad fabric.  A balaclava saves you the trouble of having to remove the pads for washing, you can simply wash your balaclava with the rest of your laundry.

Take note that over time, hair gel, hair spray and other products encourage bacteria building up in the inside of your helmet. This can in time make your helmet uncomfortable to wear as you might start getting rashes.

Reason number 2 – You protect the inside of your helmet from makeup stains

Admittedly this is not a problem for everyone but for the girls who like to be all dolled up when they take their motorcycle helmet off smudging make up on the inside of the helmet can become annoying, fast. Like the case of hair products, makeup is much easier to wash from a balaclava than from the helmet bads.

As a bonus, you can protect your face from hair whiplash while you drive by tucking all your hair into the balaclava. You’re gonna get helmet hair anyway, you can at least be confortable.

Reason number 3 –  Keep warm

If you are a real motorcycle lover you will find that you ride your motorcycle quite a lot even in less than ideal weather conditions.  If this is your only means of transportations or if you love going for long roadtrips on two wheels, temperature dropping can become a real problem.  You need to be well geared to keep the wind from chilling you to your bones and making the ride really uncomfortable.

The balaclava is made from special fibres that are both moisture wicking, fast cooling and allow you to breathe easily.  This means that wearing your balaclava you will be able to ride even at night, in mountain areas or during colder seasons without having to worry about your head freezing or sweating excessively underneath your helmet.

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