You love hiking and you love swimming so what better way to combine the two than ending each of your hikes with a good dive in some of the best secret swimming spots nature can offer.

Here is a list of 5 places that offer the best recreation time you will ever need


1. Norvin Green State Forest, Passaic County

Here you have the option of choosing a variety of hiking routes that differ in difficulty and length. If that is not good news enough, they all have their starting point in the area of the Highlands Natural Pool,  one of the best spots for a swim in the nature after you return tired from your hiking adventure.
Here you can enjoy the hidden gem of the Wyanokie Highlands. An Olympic-sized, stream that turns into a freshwater pool. This piece of heaven is located in a wooded setting right next to the 5,400 acre Norvin Green State Forest that provides a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.


In the year 1935, the pool was carved out of a hillside and filled by a mountain stream. There are no chemicals used in the pool so you will be enjoy a natural freshwater swim guaranteed.
The Norvin Green State Forest provides you with a wide variety of hiking routes. Several trails climb steep heels up to 1,300 feet offering you incredible views over the New York City skyline. Some other trails will lead you to abandoned farm dwellings, waterfalls and two historic iron mines that can even be explored.
For more information regarding program, fees and hiking trails check this site.

2. Peekamoose Blue Hole

Peekamoose mountain sees many hikers each season as people enjoy coming here for the view and the trails that are mostly steady, easy to follow and not too long. This place lets you enjoy the changing forest in the most beautiful and natural way and this is one of  it’s strongest appeals to be visited. You can admire different sections of trees, mushrooms, beautiful wildflowers and many others.
After a long satisfying hike you can visit one of the most iconic of all New York swimming holes. This natural wonder is located in the Roundout Creek, Catskills region. Peekamoose will present you with an incredible breath taking scenery of deep blue water begs for you to dive right in. This is the ideal summer escape from all the city crows, stress and concrete jungle.


This place is incredibly popular and people of all ages routinely swim here. The natural  pool is filled with turquoise crystal clear water and has a sloping bottom that is maybe 10 ft. deep.
To get here, look for the Peekamoose Trail and then hike just under 4.5 miles to reach the pool.


3. Zoar Valley
Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area offers tourists hiking routes,  fishing, swimming, white-water rafting, wildlife and scenic viewing and many other outdoor opportunities. It is an area of deep gorges located along the border of Erie County and Cattaraugus County.
For more information check out Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area

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