If you own a snorkel mask and snorkel gear you already know that snorkeling is addictive. For many people there isn’t much of a transition from the first experience to actually planning entire vacations around best snorkeling spots.  But if you really want to enjoy yourself and are serious about taking this experience the next level,  there are some things you absolutely have to check on your vacation list.


5 tried and tested ways to make your snorkeling experience better

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1 Buy good quality snorkel gear

This one is pretty self-explanatory and you probably already guessed it’s going to be on our list, so let’s get it out of the way. Good snorkel gear is everything and it can make or break your vacation. If the mouth piece snorkel was a bit uncomfortable when you paid for a snorkeling session once during your entire vacation, imagine using it daily.  If you really want to snorkel  enough to last you for a year, investing in an innovative modern design snorkel mask is the way to go.

2 Plan your vacation ahead of time

The best snorkeling destinations are also the most popular. What this means is that you are risk having to pay more for plane tickets and accommodation if you plan at the last minute.   Try to have everything plan and at least partially paid at least 3 months before the actual vacation, that way you can actually kick back and relax counting the days until you get to try and see if your newly trained snorkeling breathing techniques actually work.


3 Read about best destinations for snorkeling

Everyone knows that Hawaii is a snorkeling paradise, but it might not be the most convenient destination for you.  There are a lot of resources and lists with top snorkeling destinations, if you are patient you are sure to find something closer or more convenient in terms of overall expenses. It’s also best to choose a destination that offers a diversity of wild life and perfect free diving spots if you want to take your snorkeling experience to the next level.


4 Interact with the wildlife

The best part of snorkeling is actually feeling like you are part of the world you are discovering.  Gather up the courage to interact with the wildlife but be sure to fallow safety guidelines and be considerate. Coral reefs are very sensitive for example, so make sure not to disturb the wild life with your presence, blend in but don’t disrupt.


5 Go at your own pace

Sure free diving sounds like a real adventure, and a lot of snorkel pros will tell you that is the way to do it if you want the complete experience but safety must always come first. You need to train your breathing and be absolutely sure you have a good snorkel mask that is perfectly sealed if you want to free dive.  Pressure builds up fast as you descend and if you push your limits you can get in trouble before you even realize it’s happening. Take it easy, stay safe and set your own pace.

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