Balaclava Masks

Multipurpose Balaclava

BONUS:VersatileSports/Casual Headband
Wear Them While: Skiing, Snowboarding, Motorcycling, Running, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Hunting. Perfect fits Women and Men.


balaclava masks full face mask
balaclava masks half face mask

Half Balaclava Mask

BONUS:VersatileSports/Casual Headband

Wear your MaxPro Balaclava as a Full Face Mask, Open Balaclava, Half Ski Mask or Neck Gaiter. One of the best balaclava masks for Skiing, Snowboarding, Motorcycling, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Hunting. Can be Worn on its Own or Under any Kind of Helmet. Perfect fits Women and Men.

Ski Mask

BONUS: Versatile MagicScarf / Face Mask

Cozia Design steps upthe game with INNOVATIVE, breathable, wrinkle free balaclava masks WINTER BUNDLE that contains a Premium Quality Ski Mask and Bonus Versatile Magic Scarf

Full Face Balaclava

BONUS:VersatileSports/Casual Headband
COZIA uses SPECIAL ENGINEERED POLYESTER FIBERS to produce High-Quality Balaclavas that Establish Exquisite Performance for Breathability, Absorbency, Wicking, Durability and Abrasion Resistance. Stay Warm and Dry.

Longer neck and extralong in front for better wind and cold protection.

If you love outdoor winter sports as much as us, and you probably do since you are here, then you know how important wearing the proper gear is. In order to be able to focus solely on having uninterrupted fun on the slopes you need balaclava masks that can keep you warm and at the same time are made of a material that’s breathable enough for comfort. Our winter face mask designs use only light weight, fast drying, breathable fabric that is soft and wrinkle free.

Ski masks for a better slope side experience

In such a punishing environment like the slopes in midwinter, your gear is everything that stands between you and harsh weather conditions. Keeping yourself warm is not only important for your enjoyment and the quality of your experience when you go out skiing or snowboarding, but also for your health. We’ve designed the perfect balaclava mask that keeps you warm and well protected without inconveniencing your ability to breath freely. We combine state of the art technology with appealing unisex design to produce only the finest ski masks and balaclavas.

Balaclava masks for outdoor sports activities during the cold season

Skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only outdoor activities for which wearing a balaclava to protect your face, nose and mouth is recommended. You can wear our specially designed tactical balaclavas to go mountain biking, for your motorcycle road-trips, for motocross and even to go out running during the winter season.

We make it our mission to keep you warm, comfortable and well geared for all of your outdoor adventures.

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