Riding a snowmobile is a real adventure and life experience. The thrill of driving a snowmobile through snowy forests and frozen lakes is an escape from civilization and a chance to break free from daily routine.
In order to enjoy this adventure to the fullest you need to keep yourself warm and comfortable. On the list of must have gear you need while riding a snowmobile you should also add a balaclava mask for snowmobile. A good balaclava is irreplaceable for any sports enthusiast that refuse to stay indoors in cold weather.


Here are a few things you need to consider before deciding which is the best balaclava for snowmobile

1. Balaclava size
Most balaclavas come in one size that fit both men and women and even children. For most people size is not an issue but make sure it will fit you while wearing a helmet and it will not cause any discomfort.

2. Warmth and fabric
An old wives’ tale says that most body heat is lost via the head. This may not be true but still a cold head can ruin even the most outstanding adventures.
Balaclavas are made from a wide variety of different materials. One of the best balaclavas are the ones that will not only keep you warm, but will properly wick moisture away from your skin. Try to avoid polyester only blends, which offer no breathability or wicking properties. Instead choose a polyester fleece reinforced with lycra fiber for better heat generating properties and wind proof protection against snow and cold.


3.Breathing and mobility
While riding a snowmobile it is very important that you choose a balaclava designed for heavy breathing.Many designs simply cut one large opening for nose, mouth, and eyes, but these openings are more likely to leave your face cold than help you breathe. The fabric makes all the difference in this situation and it is best that you choose a more breath through material.
Also a 4-way stretch with flat-lock seams means fewer layers to chafe and more mobility without feeling like strangling.

4.Vision Range
While you ride a snowmobile you want to be able to see where you are going. For this reason, it is especially significant to choose from balaclavas designed with wide range view. A limited vision range can be extremely dangerous especially while riding at high speed.

A premium balaclava is not just about keeping your head and face warm. It also needs to properly cover your neck. Make sure you choose a balaclava with an extra long neck. This option will ensure an almost perfect fit with little bulk.

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