Keeping yourself warm during any winter outdoor activity should be a priority. Leaving your face and neck exposed to harsh elements such as wind cold and sun can lead to windburn, frostbites or irritations. During a cold, windy day, your face and lips will quickly chap, causing great discomfort. Avoid all these annoying issues by using a balaclava to protect the skin of your face.

There are different types and designs when it comes to balaclavas and depending on your needs and preferences you can choose from hundreds of models.

No matter what design you prefer here are a few tips on how to choose the best balaclava


1. Fabric
Make sure you choose an allergy free soft fabric that won’t cause any unwanted rash. Search for a balaclava made with superior quality fabrics that will keep your skin warm and dry even during the coldest and harshest weather conditions. Usually the polyester fleece reinforced with lycra fiber are the best when it comes to heat generating and windproof protection against dust, snow or any other elements that can damage the skin. You may also invest in a balaclava with temperature control technology that keeps you warm in cold weather and prevents sweating in warm weather moving moisture away from skin.


2. Design
Small details make all the difference in the world. A longer neck and extra long in front prevents any cold air or wind from touching the skin. Also a 4-way stretch with flatlock seams means fewer layers to chafe. Purchase a balaclava that will not only keep you warm, but will properly wick moisture away.
3.  Vision Range
It is very important how a balaclava influences your vision. Choose a balaclava specially designed with a wide range and large eye holes.4-1
4. Multipurpose
Different designs of the balaclava can be rolled into headband or pleated down as a collar around the neck. Choose a balaclava that you can turn into a neck gaiter, do rag, bandana, mask and many others so you can wear it according to the situation. You can use a multipurpose balaclava for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hill-climbing, cycling, motorcycling and many others.
5. Size
Most balaclavas fit both men and women and come in one size.
Depending on how stretchy the material is the fit can be perfect or a real nightmare. Make sure you read the description of the product very carefully before making your choice.

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