Snorkelling in Cozumel is what divers call an underwater rainbow. Yes that is how beautiful it is.
The incredible island of Cozumel is a snorkelling paradise with crystal clear waters and incredibly beautiful underwater views. Very well known for its powder white beaches, this area is also famous for the largest barrier reef system in the Western Hemisphere.

The perfect location to go diving or snorkelling!

Cozumel is an island situated in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.
It is believed that the Maya were the first to settle on this land by the early part of the 1st millennium AD. This island was sacred to the Maya Moon Goddess, and the temples here were frequently visited by the women who desired fertility.The ruins of the temple have great historical value and a lot of tourists come here just to admire these beauties.

According to wiki, in 1518 Cozumel was visited for the first time by a Spanish expedition led by Juan de Grijalva and was followed only an year later by Hernan Cortes.
In 1520 the members of the Pánfilo Narváez expedition brought an infection of smallpox on the island that killed thousands of Cozumel inhabitants. By the year 1570 only around 350 men and women were able to survive the infection out of 10000 Maya.
In the year 1849 the town of San Miguel de Cozumel was formally recognized by the Mexican government.


4 reasons why Cozumel is the perfect place for snorkelers and divers

Cozumel is one of the top 5 dive destinations in the world when it comes to snorkelling or scuba diving and here is why:

  1. Cozumel has some of the clearest waters found anywhere in the Caribbean with 150 to 250 feet of underwater visibility. The water temperature is 80+ degree year-round and it is home to over 500 species of tropical fish and corals. The constant flow of currents maintains the waters clean and rich in fresh nutrients for corals and fish to feed on.
  2. Marine life here is rather used to people and divers so you will experience some of the friendliest fish you can imagine. This gives you the opportunity to snap a few incredible pictures. So don’t forget to smile for the eels, lobsters, crabs, stingrays and many other sea critters.
  3. Cozumel is home to a great variety of different coral formations which provide a spectacular ocean view. Some of the most beautiful corals in Cozumel are located on the west side of the island. Here snorkelers can enjoy coral formations growing upward from the bottom of the sea. Some even reach 400 feet and more. Experienced snorkelers can admire the tops of  massive coral formations and other coral reefs that can be found in the islands shallower waters.
  4. Snorkelers of all ages can enjoy a dive here since Cozumel does not require a certain level of skills. Beginner snorkelers as well as experienced one will feel right at home .


Best places for shallow diving and snorkelling in Cozumel

One of Cozumel’s hottest attractions is Chankanaab National Park, the perfect destination for snorkelers all over the world. A good place for the entire family where you can spend a full day in paradise.
For snorkelers, this lagoon, also called the “Little Sea” provides easy access to a shallow 20 foot deep cove incredibly popular for its numerous fish and coral reefs. Suitable for both beginner snorkels and old timers this place is the perfect spot for the entire family.
Here you can find a little bit of everything: beautify white sand beaches, sea lion shows, crocodile farm, dolphin swim,  Maya statue displays, gift shops and restaurants.

Another perfect spot for snorkel enthusiasts is San Francisco Reef. It is Cozumel’s shallowest wall dive as it ranges from 35 to 50 fee deep. The reef has three separate sections and it is filled with amazing marine life such as rays and sea turtles.
Paradise Reef is the home of multi-coloured tropical fish, octopus and Cozumel’s Toad Fish ( you will have to look really carefully under reef ledges or in holes to catch a glimpse of this one). This is the only place where snorkelers can see the Splendid Toad Fish. It can grow up  to 16 inches long and it is believed to be one of the fastest eaters in the world. It can inhale other fish quicker than your eye can see.

For deep divers there are spots such as Palancar Reef, The Santa Rosa Wall and Punta Sur. These diving spots can descend to 120 feet and are slightly more dangerous to explore. Here experienced divers can visit caves and narrow  tunnels. Strong currents will create an amazing and exciting experience that advance divers will most definitely enjoy.

Your check list for a perfect Cozumel snorkelling trip

  • Equipped
    If you do not own a snorkelling equipment better buy one as soon as possible. Make your snorkel equipment decision based on how much you plan to snorkel. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the best snorkel set .
  • Get or print a map
    Best to know your way around so you don’t miss all those Cozumel best snorkelling spots.
  • Don’t forget your first aid kit and sun cream
  • Have plenty of fun underwater and enjoy your snorkelling adventure in Cozumel

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