#7ebec5Having the right snorkel mask is one of the most important steps towards a successful and unforgettable underwater adventure. Choosing the best fitting snorkel mask can be a real difficult process and not having the right mask can turn a very enjoyable experience into an uncomfortable nightmare.
The mask is literally your window to the underwater world. You can watch beautiful live corals, enjoy an unexplored world and completely forget about everything else.

There are a lot of disputes when it comes to choosing the right snorkel equipment: dry snorkel vs regular snorkel, fins or no fins full face snorkel mask vs traditional. We have decided to address this problem by putting together a simple list of pros and cons of traditional snorkel masks vs the revolutionary full face mask.




Here is what you need to know and expect when you choose full face snorkel mask vs traditional

Traditional mask : goggles and snorkel

The traditional snorkeling equipment consists of goggle a snorkel tube and fins. The Mask covers your eyes and nose protecting them from any leakage. They come in a great variety of sizes and shapes so you can choose whichever suits you best.
Tips and tricks when it comes to choosing the best snorkel mask

  1. Make sure that the skirt of the mask is made from silicone and purchase a mask with wide peripheral vision.
  2. Choose a no fog lens to enjoy a crystal clear view during your underwater adventure.
  3. The mouth piece is usually the one that raises a lot of problems when it comes to snorkeling. One of the most common problems is the uncomfortable fit of the snorkel. First timers usually find this piece of equipment incredibly annoying because of a strong gag reflex.
  4. If you choose to use a snorkel tube make sure that the mouthpiece sits comfortable in your mouth and it should not feel like it is pulling. Also, remember that you will only be able to breath through your mouth so make sure you exercise a few breathing techniques before starting your adventure.


The main disadvantage of a traditional snorkel set has to do with gag reflex. People with particularly sensitive gag reflex can’t use the traditional mouth piece and that stops them from enjoying the amazing experience that is snorkeling in general.

Another problem that most divers have with traditional snorkeling tubes is chocking on water once they resurface. This happens because the simplest model of snorkel tube is hallow and fills with water while the diver is submerged. When resurfacing the diver has to blow all the water out and this is a rather difficult technique to master. When you don’t do it right, you end up with a lot of ocean water in your mouth.

Alternatives for solving this problem are the dry snorkel, the semi-dry snorkel explained in detail in this article about pros and cons between different snorkel tubes and of course, the full face snorkel mask.


The full face snorkel mask | How the Cozia Design OceanView brings innovation to the table


A more advanced snorkel mask that revolutionizes the whole traditional design. A full face mask completely removes the mouthpiece creating a more natural experience. It combines the snorkel tube and goggles in a futuristic design that covers and protects your entire face.

The design allows users to breathe underwater naturally through the nose, without any constrictions.

Here are some of the great advantages you can enjoy if you choose to try a Full Face Snorkel Mask:

1 There is absolutely no learning curve, you just put it on and enjoy the experience;

2 It’s perfect for both beginners and pros;

3 A great way to introduce snorkeling to kids;

4 Offers far wider and clearer visibility with the 180 degree angle screen;

5 Keeps water away from your face and more important, your mouth;

6 The built in snorkel tube is a hi-tech, dry snorkel;

7 Is equipped with a drain valve that drains water automatically when you resurface;

8 Doesn’t fog up, thanks to the dual air flow ventilation system.

Cozia Design OceanView includes dual vents that circulate the air inside and keep the mask clear. A no fog lens offers you a crystal clear view during your dive so you won’t miss anything going on around you. The high quality polycarbonate window is shatter-proof so you will not have to worry about cracks, scratches or splits. The full face snorkel mask changed the design of the 2 piece snorkel goggles into a wide screen so you can enjoy exploration unhindered.

Here’s what our customers have to say about it:

5.0 out of 5 stars I will never go back to a traditional snorkel set after using this one! Amazing product!!

By Lilly on November 15, 2016

Size: Large / Extralarge

Color: Black

Verified Purchase

This is not an ordinary snorkel set, this is a luxury snorkel set! This is probably one of the best items i got from amazon in a while.
I love the overall design of the mask but more importantly I love how easy it is to use and its durability! I travel a lot and have snorkeled in some pretty amazing places including St.Thomas, Honduras, Mexico, and Florida to name a few and I wish I would have had this snorkel set then.
The mask fits really good and because it covers my entire face I can breath as I normally would and no water leaks in! Another huge plus is that the air valve on the spout will automatically close when you dive down and it becomes submerged then once you go back to the surface you breath as normal and don’t have to worry about water getting in through the spout. I also like how the mask allows for a 180 deg view and the fact that it doesn’t fog up!!
The flippers that come with this set are also really nice and fit very comfortably (I wear a men’s size 10 shoe but it is adjustable and will fit most foot sizes). I have used this set a few times but unfortunately it’s winter time now so I won’t get to use it much until summer but I will be going to Mexico in 2 weeks and will definitely bring this along!
Overall, I am very impressed with this product and it has exceeded all my expectations!

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