If you love outdoor sports as much as we do, we bet you already have a gear storage problem.  As an active person and an adventure lover you find yourself constantly buying new, top of the line tech and gear only to find you ran out of space to store it.  You’re not alone in dealing with this problem.  Our staff constantly struggles with too little space for all the winter sports gear like snowboards and skis, summer gear like snorkel sets and scuba diving equipment.

So we asked everyone how they solve the problem and came up with a list of pro tips we think you might like.


tip 1 gear storage

Ok, so this one might be a no brainer for those of you with some organizing skill. Sadly, not everyone in our team is very good with sorting and organizing. A lot of us could benefit from this advice.  Gear storage in boxes that are nicely and neatly labelled means less frustration. You will thank us when it’s time to pack for your next adventure.

tip 2 gear storage

Are you a great outdoor lover and sports enthusiast? Then your fingers probably itch to press the buy button on all new shiny gear. We’ve been there, we know exactly how we feel and we’re telling you you’re in danger of becoming a hoarder.  That’s right, we dare you to go check your storage right now.

Tell us in the comment section how much useless gear you had laying around.

When you’re done, pack them up, throw them or give them away. That’s how you’ll find yourself with a lot more gear storage space than you started out wit.

tip 3 gear storage

So you probably have a lot of shelves, but do you have any available walls or even doors? You can use them in inventive ways for even more storage space.  Install some hangers and use your backpacks to store equipment in them. There is absolutely no reason why your backpacks should lay around empty. You can use them to maximize your space.

tip 4 gear storage

This is not the ideal solution, especially if you’re on a budget.  But, if you can afford it, rented space for your gear storage is a great way to manage space.  You can put your winter gear in storage in spring and put your summer gear in storage in autumn. This way you will only need half the space.

tip 5 gear storage

The internet is here for a reason – to give you awesome DIY ideas for any problem you can think of. Gear storage is no different.  Hit up sites like Pinterest for ideas and you will be mind-blown. You will find simple, inventive solutions.  Most of the projects you find online are DIY so you can definitely duplicate them.

As a final PRO TIP – don’t stop buying gear, this is not the solution.

It might sound like shameless promotion coming from a outdoor gear store.  But trust us, we recommend this as sports lovers.  Better, advanced gear means you will be safer out there and able to enjoy yourself more.  Keep updating your gear, but do so sensibly and don’t hoard old items you don’t need anymore.

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