Do you enjoy hiking on a nice summer day? Great way to escape the waves of heat suffocating the big city isn’t it? But why should hiking be a summer exclusive activity?  People who hike regularly soon find that they can’t keep away from the heart of nature even during the coldest seasons.  If you use proper equipment and a warm, high quality balaclava, a winter hike can be a great way to break out of your routine. Just remember to only choose hiking destinations safe for winter.


Here are our staff picked top 3 hiking destinations for winter that will require you to wear a nice warm balaclava

hiking destination USA

1 Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

If you want to take the scenic route this is most definitely one of  your number one choice for hiking destinations in winter.    Don’t miss this one if you are vacationing in Denver, Colorado, locals will be sure to agree with us when we say it’s a hike for any winter lover. You will probably need snowshoes, and you will have to be well geared to keep warm, but the view is something worth all the hassle.

donut falls

Photo source: Jazzy Utah

2 Donout Falls, near Salt Lake City

Donout Falls is the perfect hike for people vacationing near Salt Lake City. It’s a short hike, ideal for beginners and doesn’t require any special skills. Another big plus is the fact that it is safe from avalanches. The road leading to Donout Falls doesn’t usually get plowed during winter. You will need good foot gear and a warm head gear even for this short easy hike.  When it’s especially cold, the falls sometimes freeze resulting in a breathtaking scenery.

Mount Major

3 Mount Major, New Hampshire

Mount Major makes the list for its scenic views and the fact that it’s one of the nicest winter hikes in the area. The hike takes you via Boulder Loop Trail, Major Straightback Link, Brook Trail and finally Mount Major Trail. It’s a long and rather difficult hike but the experience is well worth the effort.  Special winter gear is recommended, including a good quality balaclava or winter ski mask.

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