So you have finally got your much deserved summer vacation and you are thinking to spend all of your free time on a white sandy beach, sborkeling with your family.
Good quality time for good quality memories wouldn’t you agree?

A snorkeling vacation is the perfect vacation

In order to have the best snorkeling adventure there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before even starting to plan your vacation.

1. Choose your destination wisely
If you plan to introduce your family to the wonders of snorkeling for the first time pay extra attention to your destination. Make sure to choose the best snorkeling hot spot for your family that is both beginner and child friendly. There are a lot of guides online that you can read to make sure that your loved ones will have the time of their life.
Also, gather information about tourist activities and snorkeling schools you can find around the area.

You can choose from out lists of Best Family friendly spots for snorkelling or Top 5 exotic snorkelling destinations.

2. Your snorkeling gear
You definitely want to buy your snorkel mask and fins before you leave home. A good snorkel set is what will make the difference between a great snorkeling adventure and a complete fail. Usually the snorkel sets you find at most beach shops are either cheaply made or very expensive, or both.
Rentals are no options either as the gear has been usually used far past its natural lifespan and nobody really wants to use a mouth piece that had been in some stranger’s mouth for hours and probably not even properly sanitized.
Make sure you choose the right snorkel gear for you and your family before you start your vacation so there will be one less thing to worry about.


Here are a few tips and tricks on how to choose the best snorkel set.

3. Learn how to use your snorkel gear before you get in the water
Have a lesson on how to use your new snorkel set. You can do this before you leave home, in a swimming pool or even in the bathtub.

4. Best snorkel spots
After you chose your vacation destination check out the snorkeling hot spots and plan ahead. This is one of the easy steps. Basically any beach vacation you choose should have at least one good snorkeling spot. We share a few of the best snorkeling hot spots out there, but, do not worry if you do not find your destination on the list. We are pretty sure that if there is a beach there will be a snorkeling spot as well.

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