If you are passionate about running and staying fit you are not going to let anything stop you, not even the cold season. It’s generally a bad idea to interrupt your running routine for winter, and if you don’t own a treadmill you will just have to brave the wind and cold. The best way to do this is by owning the right equipment, starting with a high quality balaclava.

Why you need a balaclava when you go running?

If you read this in the midst of summer, it might be hard to imagine running with something covering your face. But if you ever went running during winter you know how fast your face can get cold and how your breath can dampen the fabric of a muffler making it uncomfortable.
A professional sports balaclava is usually built to avoid exactly these inconveniences. The Cozia Design Balaclava, for example, is made out of special fibers that are moisture wicking and quick dry. This means that when you wear this balaclava to run you won’t have to worry about becoming uncomfortable because of the wet fabric sticking to your face.
As a plus, when the fabric keeps dry, you won’t get cold where it touches your skin. You will be comfortable and warm, free to mind your running routine no matter the temperature.

balaclava for winter runing

Protect your skin from extreme weather

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t go running during summer without sunscreen. However, you should not underestimate the effects of cold on your skin. When exposed to cold temperatures the skin tends to dry and sensitive skin types will often times get a rash. Using a high quality balaclava made of quality fibres that are delicate to your skin, you are well protected from cold and wind.
Always be comfortable when running no matter the season by wearing the right equipment.

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