Snorkel Mask

OceanView snorkel mask is outfitted with a wide-angle, anti-fogging viewing window, comfortable silicon face padding, and easily adjustable nylon straps.Innovative design features a separate breathing chamber that creates an airflow away from your main viewing visor that helps eliminates fogging and will keep you snorkeling longer.

snorkel mask

Snorkel Set

ULTIMATE BREATHING SYSTEM SNORKEL MASK with ADJUSTABLE DIVING FINS – Experience the newest evolution in snorkeling technology: the full face easy breathing mask. The innovative OCEAN VIEW snorkel mask design eliminates the traditional 2-piece goggle/ tube setup and allows regular, natural breathing with maximum comfort.

snorkel set

As great lovers of the outdoor experience, here at Cozia Design we always plan our adventures one season at a time. If spring and autumn are for hiking and trekking, mountain biking or motocross, summer is most definitely for snorkelling. That is why we are excited to introduce the newest item in our product catalog, the OceanView snorkel gear.

Cozia Design Snorkel Gear, discover a whole new world in clear wide vision

Diving in clear waters is an experience that doesn’t need any introducing, you simply need to try it. However, as with all outdoor activities, good gear is the key to having a great time. In order to enjoy the underwater adventure as it’s supposed to be enjoyed you need a snorkel set that always you freedom to breathe and wide view angle. The Cozia Design snorkelling gear was built exactly with these two attributes in mind and the result is the best full face snorkel mask, tested and proven.
Oceanview Snorkel Mask – for explorers and nature lovers
Explore the ocean with this fantastic piece of equipment and you won’t have to worry again about uncomfortable gear that restrict your breathing and allow for only a narrow view angle, taking from your overall experience. You won’t even know you are wearing the Ocenview Snorkel Mask, that’s how good our design is.

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