All the cool friends snowboard and you definitely don’t want to be the less cool guy or girl on the slopes. So you have decided to join them and get yourself a board but you don’t really know how to ride it like a pro just yet. There is nothing to worry about.

We’ve put together a bunch of tricks and tips that will help you snowboard like a pro

1. Dress accordingly


As strange as it sounds this is one of the most important steps when it comes to comfort and warms out there on the slope. The snowboarding equipment is long and can vary depending on each individual’s necessities but here is a list of basics every snowboarder should have:
– Appropriate headgear: balaclava to protect you from cold wind and crash helmet;
– Appropriate snow outfit: pants and coat;
– Snowboarding boots;
– Snow gloves;
– Goggles to reduce glare and to avoid snow blindness

2. Pick the perfect board regarding your height and weight


As a general rule of thumb, your snowboard should come up to your chin or nose. Avoid picking a too long or short board because the size of the snowboard will have some small impact on your style. Make sure you choose a less flexible board if you are on the heavy side and a more flexible board to increase the amount of control you have if you are lighter.

3. Step up on your board and strap up


Sit down with your board perpendicular to the slope and put your boots into the bindings. Make sure the bindings are tight and secure.
Now that you are securely strapped you are ready to head downhill. Stand up and turn the board so that the lead end is pointing down. Apply some pressure to your lead foot move forward. Keep your knees slightly bent for balance and your back straight. Gravity should do the rest.

4. No shame in riding the Bunny Hill


Most mountains offer a beginners area or Bunny Hill where you can work on your skills and improve your riding technique. Begin close to the bottom of the run, so you won’t have to worry about losing control. Practice your moves and balance several times until you feel comfortable enough to ride to the top of the hill.

5. Practice your turns until perfect


It is very important to know how to control your speed and come to a stop whenever you wish. In order to turn on your board lean your body into the side of the hill to put weight on one edge of your board. Test both toe and heel edge turns redistributing your weight accordingly. Use your torso and arms to control the weight you’re using to turn your snowboard.


Once you master all these steps get ready to go further and continue …and don’t forget practice makes it perfect.

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