Tips and tricks on how to keep your ski goggles clean


So you just bought the brand new Cozia Design Ski Goggles, congratulations, you got yourself a pair of fine ski goggles. To make the most of your investment you will want to pay proper attention to a few tips and tricks for cleaning and keeping them in top shape.

Because the ski goggles are designed with a wide lens covered in polarized film that’s highly reflective they tend to get staind rather easily. If you are as passionate about winter sports as us, we’re sure you’re going to wear them a lot this winter so take a few moments to read a short tutorial on keeping them clean and unscratched.

The protective pouch and microfiber cleaning cloth, your new best friends for cleaning Cozia Design Ski Goggles


The Cozia Design Ski Goggles come with a SKI BUNDLE PACK that includes everything you need for keeping your goggles as good as new.


1 The microfiber protective pouch


The protective pouch is designed of the same ultra soft fiber as the cleaning cloth. It’s perfect for keeping your new goggles dust free and protecting them from scratches and grease stains. Keep the skiing goggles in their pouch whenever you don’t use them.

2 The ultra soft microfiber cleaning cloth


The cleaning cloth is made of special soft fibers that don’t scratch the lens surface as you wipe it. It’s of maximum importance that you only use special cleaning clothes when you wipe your new skiing goggles. Normal fabric may scratch the reflective surface.
Do not wipe using:
tissue paper
your clothes
your fingers

When using your Cozia Design Premium Ski Goggles make sure not to:


1 Touch them with your fingers. The lens is susceptible to staining from the grease on your skin.
2 Wear make up under your ski goggles. The foundation might stain the facefoam. If the facefoam does stain, clean it with a wet wipe, carefully avoiding the lens.
3 Store them in anything else but their protective pouch. Don’t put your skiing goggles away in your pocket without their protective pouch

! Avoid cleaning your ski goggles more than necessary. Excessive cleaning may damage the anti fog coating. To avoid damaging this layer of coating, when wiping the inside of your glasses make sure the surface of the lens and the cleaning cloth are perfectly dry.

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