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Summer has always been the season of our hearts, since it allows you to experiment with a lot of sports and activities that challenge the very best in you.
Snorkeling is a lot more fun than you’d expect, combining the love for swimming with the passion of discovering underwater worlds. Cancun is packed with a lot of clear watered beaches that are very hard to resist, so take a look at some of the wildest places worth visiting this season.

We promise your vacation will be a delightful experience after you put the following snorkeling hot spots Cancun on your list

Bahia de Mujeres Beach
One of the most exciting places you can swim and dive right in is the Bahia de Mujeres Beach, a heavenly retreat in the northern part of the hotel zone in Cancun. Here you’ll find smooth white sand, hypnotic turquoise waters with virtually no currents that may present difficulties in aquatic activities. Having clear waters, we believe that Bahia de Mujeres is the perfect destination for all sea life lovers, as this place is packed with aquatic wildlife. Some say this beach isn’t suitable for aquatic sports, since the southern end of the hotel zone is considered to be more suitable. However, we recommend you try out this place if you happen to be in the northern part of the beach.

The Island Of Cozumel
Another known hot spot of Cancun is the Island of Cozumel. This great area harbors a lot of spectacular coral formations which can be easily accessed through the shallow waters. Throughout the coast of Cozumel you’ll notice you’re surrounded by reefs, which stand proof of the highly diverse aquatic life. Many tourists come here to see the beautiful colored fish as well as the pristine natural gardens, which are a delight to look at. Make sure you include this hot spot into your Cancun tour and you won’t regret it.

Cancun Underwater Museum: Musa
Cancun is known for its underwater museum, which is divided into 2 sections. Artist Jason De Caires Taylor has exposed over 470 life sized sculptures in two different reefs. The submersion process started in 2009 and it was designed to provide a natural habitat for fish and reef creatures. This eco-project is truly a spectacular view, one that you shouldn’t miss out on when in Cancun. Prepare your goggles and feast your eyes upon an amazing art gallery.

Punta Nizuc
Another interesting spot for snorkeling in Cancun is the Punta Nizuc which can be found in the southern tip of the island, also considered to be the closest offshore reef from the hotel area. This place is truly a delight for explorers, as the entire reef in Punta consists of many turtles, starfish, lobsters, amazing fish and other sea creatures that thrive upon the existing coral and algae. Many tourists choose this hot spot for their vacation because it’s a great place for kids to learn more about the environment, while also having a lot of fun in the sun. Also, this hot spot is home to 17 of the many underwater statues made by Jason De Caires Taylor, being considered the second “room “of the aquatic sculpture museum of Cancun. This project is known throughout the world for its authenticity and visual effect, so we recommend you dive right in to visit a never before seen art gallery.

The Island Of Isla Mujeres
A gem of Cancun, this island is a fishing village that has only recently started to accept tourists into its core. Isla Mujeres measures 5 miles in length and only half a mile in width, meaning you can check its surroundings in no more than a day. Just a tad off the coast, the Manchones reef is an amazing underwater treasure, packed with captivating sea life and clear blue waters. What’s more, you can choose to eat a traditional meal cooked by the locals, so you can really get the taste of Cancun’s specialties. Don’t forget to take your camera with you, as there are many sea turtles swimming about. Put Isla Mujeres on your list and we guarantee you’re going to have a great time in a secluded area.

Snorkeling in cenotes
If you’re looking for a real aquatic adventure you should definitely try out a cenote, which is basically a sinkhole that has been filled with groundwater. You can find cenotes in Yucatan and Cancun, as they are known for their calm fresh waters with a high degree of visibility. Some of these cenotes communicate through underground caves and subaquatic rivers. We don’t recommend diving in on your own as they can be extremely dangerous, but if you choose an organized tour you will be able to enjoy the full extent of a Cancun underwater adventure.

If you want to make sure your vacation goes as planned you need to take under consideration a few insights that may be crucial to your wellbeing in Cancun.
The water temperature ranges from low 80s during summer to upper 70s in the winter, meaning these waters are great for swimming and diving all year long.
Some people are better swimmers than others, but for those who aren’t very sure of their swimming skills, we advise you to wear a lifejacket or snorkeling vest to make sure you stay afloat.
If you have your own snorkel gear it is best you use it, especially if it fits your size. If you don’t have such gear, you can rest assured as all tours provide the necessary equipment for underwater activities.
You can always buy an innovative full face snorkel mask and snorkel gear online to make sure you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime in Cancun.

Cancun’s hot spots are a delight for any tourist who is looking for rest and relaxation or an authentic adventure. Bear in mind you need to address a professional tour organizer to make sure your vacation will go on swimmingly. We hope our destination recommendations will soothe your mind and spirit during your vacation so you can come back refreshed and packed with valuable memories.

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