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Swim Fins - Green

Swim Fins - Green

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Our Snorkel Fins are the perfect swim partner with their 2023 updated design that minimizes fatigue and prevents cramps. The unique open-toe and cool flame-shaped mesh instep design help to reduce resistance, providing a comfortable and breathable experience.


Made with reliable and high-quality materials, anti-deformation, corrosion resistance, durability and lightweight are ensured qualities. The non-slip design on the bottom ensures safe to use while maintaining flexibility and achieving the comfort level of barefoot wear without worrying about rubbing feet


With adjustable straps and buckles, our open-heel design swim fins can fit different foot types and sizes, making them perfect to share with friends and family. The quick-release buckle keeps the strap length the same, so there's no need to adjust them every time you use them. The design also allows small pebbles and debris to fall off


Cozia Design believes in providing excellent after-sales service. As long as you're our customer, we offer 24-hour uninterrupted service to ensure the most satisfying buying experience possible

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Precise Engineering

Experience ultimate comfort with drain holes, ergonomic foot pockets, and a non-slip bottom for a secure grip. Our quick-release button ensures hassle-free adjustments, while lightweight design and open heels provide agility in the water. Dive confidently into aquatic joy with Cozia Design's fins!

Perfect Flex

The fins are perfectly balanced for everydrive, offering just the right amount of flexibility

Open Heel Design

With its open-heel design, each fin can accommodate a wider range of sizes, promoting easy equipment sharing among family members or friends.

Ergonomic Designe

Crafted for optimal fit, it molds seamlessly to you foot shape, ensuring comfort for extended underwater adventures.


Our non-slip bottom ensures stability and traction, providing confidence with every step, even on wet surfaces.